DIY Lash Starter Kit
DIY Lash Starter Kit - Calailis Beauty
DIY Lash Starter Kit - Calailis Beauty
DIY Lash Starter Kit
DIY Lash Starter Kit - Calailis Beauty
DIY Lash Starter Kit - Calailis Beauty
DIY Lash Starter Kit - Calailis Beauty
DIY Lash Starter Kit
DIY Lash Starter Kit

DIY Lash Starter Kit

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  • 👀 Achieve Natural-Looking Lashes In Mins

  • ⌛️Lasts up to 7 days or more

  • 🍃Fluffy & Lightweight

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Introducing our DIY Lash Starter Kit! This kit includes everything you need to get started on your DIY Lash journey..

The starter kit includes:

  • DIY Lash Bond And Seal
  • DIY Lash Glue Remover-X
  • Phoenix Tweezers
  • little brush
  • 96pcs DIY Cluster Lashes Plus(mix lengths from 10mm-16mm)
The kit comes with all the instructions required to apply DIY Lashes on the back of the kit box

RRP $65+ You can select what Style lash you prefer & you will then receive a style from our best selling collection

What's included in the Starter Kit:

Starlight DIY Cluster Lashes Plus Kit - Calailis Beauty

DIY Cluster Lashes Plus

Choose from 3 style lashes (mix lengths from 10mm-16mm)

Lash Bond and Seal

Lock your lashes into place for 7 days

Lash Glue Remover-X

Remove your lashes in seconds, without damage

Phoenix Tweezers

Make application
quick and easy

little brush

Stretch your lashes

Whimsical DIY Cluster Lashes - Calailis Beauty

Vegan & Cruelty Free

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Questions? We’ve Got You Covered



Prep your lashes by cleaning off any leftover makeup or oils.


Method 1: Starting with ONE eye, brush a light coat of LONG-LASTING CLUSTER LASH GLUE through your natural lashes like using mascara. 

Method 2: Hold one lash cluster with your lash applicator; use the other hand to apply a small amount of adhesive to the lash cluster, covering the entire base of the lash.


Use tweezers to gently grab one piece of the lash cluster at the root and pick it up, then adjust the grip to grab the tip of the lash segment instead of the band.


With your elbows resting on the table, lift your eyelid with one hand and with the other hand holding the applicator to apply the lash segment in any way you prefer.  

The lash cluster should be placed as close to the waterline as possible but leave at least 2mm of space between the lashes and the waterline.


Repeat the steps above for the other lash clusters to complete the entire set.

Repeat the same steps on the other eye.


Use the lash applicator to pinch together your natural lashes and cluster lashes together. 


Brush a light coat of LASH SEALER at the base of clusters to lock them in place for 7 days or more.

✔️Streamline application

Create lashes that last up to 7 days in minutes with the lash bond and seal..

✔️Instantly bold

Achieve natural or glamorous lashes in mins.

✔️Comfortable wear

Lightweight and comfortable experience.

✔️Reuse and save

Multi-use lashes save time and money.

✔️Seamless blend

Natural look, blends with your lashes.

✔️Gentle on Eyes

Glue formula is healthy, latex-free and promotes eye health without toxic traditional liquid glues or magnetic liners.

Yes, Calailis lashes are designed to be reusable up to 7 or more times depending on how they are cared for and used.

To restore the stickiness, simply rinse with lash remover and warm water to remove excess residue from the band. Let it dry in a warm environment or gently blow dry it with a hair dryer from a moderate distance.

Calailis lashes are cruelty-free. We do not conduct any animal testing in the production of our products, and we use only high-quality synthetic fibers that mimic the look and feel of real lashes. We are committed to providing our customers with ethical and sustainable beauty options.

Calailis lashes are designed to be easily removable without causing any damage to your natural lashes.

The adhesive used in our lashes is gentle yet effective, Latex-free,allowing for a clean and easy removal process.

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