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Embracing the Barbie Aesthetic: Honoring Feminine Elegance

In a world where beauty unfolds through every gaze, CALAILIS shines like a guiding light. Our brand celebrates the allure within every woman's eyes. Our creations are designed to deeply resonate with the refined tastes of CALAILIS girls, fusing diverse eyelash styles with cultural influences to craft exclusive beauty that lets you be your own heroine.

Continuous Innovation, Rigorous Inspections

At CALAILIS, we're focused on the world of DIY Cluster Lashes, continually crafting new styles that cater to the diverse tastes of girls like you at lightning speed. Our dedication to excellence transcends mere aesthetics. Our products undergo thorough testing and have received certifications. The adhesive we provide is an integral part of your experience; it has been meticulously tested on the skin and holds multiple certifications. These measures ensure that CALAILIS girls enjoy products of superior quality, underscoring our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.

Fostering Change Through Compassion

At CALAILIS, we're driven by a purpose that goes beyond aesthetics—inspiring positive transformation. Our commitment includes regular acts of compassion, particularly for children with disabilities. Through charity, we provide crucial resources that light their path to a brighter future. Giving back is inherent to CALAILIS. A portion of each subscription box's proceeds supports girls and children facing education barriers in sub-Saharan Africa and India. Additionally, we share the joy of lashes with underprivileged girls' shelters in the US, boosting their confidence and radiance.

Empowering Radiance: Lighting Up the World

CALAILIS was born from a desire to encapsulate the magic of youthful sophistication—the essence of dreams coming true. We invite you to join us on a lash journey that unveils the allure within, where each piece is more than an adornment; it's a testament to the power of women to illuminate the world with their unique brilliance. In a world where beauty knows no bounds and individuality is celebrated, CALAILIS stands as a torchbearer of transformation.

This is the essence of the CALAILIS brand story – a celebration of beauty, empowerment, and the aspiration to light up the world with unique radiance.