Alice was a shy woman living in the center of a busy city, but beneath her reserved exterior was a dream that shone brightly like the stars. Alice was not one to bask in the spotlight. Oftentimes, she felt like her voice was barely audible in an overly loud world, overshadowed. Even though her dreams were intense and colorful, they stayed inside her like a brilliant light that was just waiting to shine.

ย Alice was desperate to shine and to bring forth the brilliance she knew was inside her. Her reserved manner hindered her path to becoming the captivating and bright person she imagined herself to be, sparkling like starlight. Alice discovered the craft of DIY lash extensions while on her journey of self-discovery. For Alice, these were more than just cosmetics; they were a revelation โ€” a way to confidently and organically convey her inner beauty.

ย Encouraged by her newfound self-expression, Alice made the decision to impart this life-changing instrument to others. With a distinct vision, Calailis emerged as a brand specializing in do-it-yourself lash extensions. Alice committed her brand to making lash extensions that were incredibly comfortable, long-wearing, and easy to apply. Calailis was more than just a cosmetics line; it was Alice's means of encouraging all girls who aspired to be different, to shine brightly, or to pursue their own unique beauty.

ย "Lashes is Power," the mantra of Calailis, resonated with Alice's journey. It was a message to all women: you are the only person who truly defines you. With every lash extension, Calailis hopes to inspire women to shine brightly, to show off their uniqueness, and to follow their dreams with the assurance of someone who understands their own strength.

ย Alice's narrative serves as an example of empowerment and metamorphosis. Every woman is inspired to embrace her inner beauty and let it shine, unapologetically, by Alice's journey with Calailis, who transformed her from a reserved, introverted person to a shining beacon of self-expression.