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Attention Lash Lovers! You've definitely noticed that DIY lashes is trending no matter which platform you're scrolling on. If you have ever wondered what’s the difference between Salon Eyelash Extensions and DIY Lash Extensions, we're sharing the information.  

In this post, we'll compare two popular lashing ways—salon eyelash extensions and DIY lash extensions—covering all the key elements to help you to choose.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Salon eyelash extensions are exactly what they sound like: Extend existing natural lashes with single or multiple fibers that glued to natural lashes to enhance enviable volume, length and shape. Once applied, they grow with the life cycle of your natural lashes. 

What Are DIY Lash Extensions?

DIY lash extensions are individual cluster lashes applied one by one to your natural lashes in order to supplement natural lashes if yours are sparse, short and not curled enough. They are usually paired with a semi-permanent adhesive and can last up to a week. 


Professional Application vs Self Application

EYELASH EXTENSIONS are applied in a salon. A eyelash technician uses individual or multiple lash-like fibers to create a customized look. The service usually takes 1 to 2 hours. Unlike the salon eyelash extensions, you can apply DIY LASH EXTENSIONS by yourself at home. It takes a little bit practice but should be fine once you try it a few times.


The extensions stick to the natural lashes with a strong hold glue, so they stay in place for 4-6 weeks.

The glue for DIY lash extensions is gentle, and it’s only meant to stay in place for about one week.


Both DIY lash extensions and salon lash extensions come in a wide range of styles. It is mostly up to you to choose unique lash style suits your eye shape and preference. The difference is that DIY LASH EXTENSIONS can make the most of your DIY talents.


The cost of eyelash extensions depends on the salon you choose, and prices vary widely as there are so many types of eyelash extensions. A full set of $200-$300 is a reasonable price.

DIY eyelash extensions are more affordable and can be reused if you clean them properly between uses! A good quality DIY lash extension kit only costs about $20-$30.


Eyelash extension glue is strong hold glue, and the chemical components in it will release fumes during the curing process and can cause chemical burns and irritation to the eyes.

The glue for DIY lash extensions is gentle, as long as you are careful not to get into your eyes, there will be no discomfort, you can open your eyes and do self-application.


  1. Lookjust like salon lash extensions
  2. Cost-effective
  3. SO EASY to apply at home
  4. Semi-permanent effect that stays for about a week
  5. Use your DIY talents to create unique looks
  6. Applied withgentle glue, more safe

If you love the look of eyelash extensions but don’t have the budget to go to a salon, OR if you just want to have a 5 minute weekly solution instead of a one hour appointment every few weeks, DIY LASH EXTENSIONS is the BEST choice!