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How To Choose the Perfect Eyelash Length to Match Your Eye Shape

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How To Choose the Perfect Eyelash Length to Match Your Eye Shape

We've all seen how false lashes can instantly open up your eyes, making them appear bigger and sexier. However, most of us have discovered the agony of discovering that not all eyelashes are going to work for you. While false lashes may make you feel better, they do not necessarily enhance the look of your eyes if the style and fit are wrong. As such, because finding the best style can be difficult, below is a guide to choosing the right pair of false lashes to flatter your unique eye shape, whether those are round, almond, hooded, deep-set, or monolid.

Lashes For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes usually have a crease with a notable brow bone; therefore, the eyelid is not fully visible when the eye is open. The wrong false lashes can make hooded eyes appear smaller. To really open the eye in the center, try a fluttery combination with long eyelashes directly above the pupil.

Wispy lashes are a popular choice for anyone with hooded eyes because they have a medium volume and thus are shorter on the outside and longer in the middle, creating an opening effect.

Round Eyes

Round eyes have a circular shape that can make them appear bigger and more notable on the face. In addition, when compared to other eye shapes, the inner and outer corners of your eyes are rounded. Round eyes can make you appear cute and young.  It is crucial that you select the right false lashes to avoid making your round eyes appear sunken. Furthermore, good lashes can have an eye-opening as well as a brightening effect.

Choose wispy and natural-looking eyelashes with some more drama in the outer edge to create an elegant cat-eye shape. You can also opt for curled options which will add even more drama.

Lashes For Almond-Shaped Eyes

The almond shape is extremely versatile; you will not be able to see the white below or above your iris. You can wear almost any lash you want, and you can use any style of a fake eyelash to complement your almond eyes. You have the option of wearing a long, medium, or even short lashes.

You can also show off the beauty of your almond-shaped eyes with voluminous eyelashes that are distributed evenly along the band.

Deep Set Eyes

If your eyes are a little further back under your eyebrow bone, you're in luck because your eyelash extensions can add all the drama. A pair of long, curled lashes can open your eyes up and make them appear larger. Ensure you gently curl them to help in opening up the eye.

Deep-set eyes frequently benefit from a lighter complete set instead of an extreme set. Extreme sets could look overdone on deep-set eyes. For best results, use individual silk lashes or even 3D fans in a soft C curl.

Downturned Eyes

This is an 'eye angle,' where the outer edge of the eye is usually directly across from (on a horizontal plane) or just below the inner corners of the eye. The goal will be to add volume to the top outer corner of the eyes in order to lift the eyes. The downturned eye is best suited for the cat eyelash look. And, if you have natural eyelashes to support them, you could wear long extensions.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes have no visible creases, and the skin always covers the upper eyelid area. One of the most attractive lashes on mono lids is a natural set of lashes. You can also look for eyelashes with a curl and flare to open up the eyes.

Protruding Eyes

Protruding eyes are the ones that protrude from the eye socket. Because your eyes are already large and round, the aim here is to draw attention to the outer corners. Select the cat eye style lashes or a variation such as a kitten eye, because it is a shorter version. Trying to add length as well as fullness to the outer edges of your eyes will draw attention to your big, gorgeous eyes.

Upturned Eyes

Outer corners of upturned eyes sit higher than that of the center of pupils. Upturned eyes look best with cat or fox eyelashes. Try lashes which flare in the outer corners and taper in the inner corners. For a more subtle look, try and cut a lash in half and then add it to the outer corner.


Once you find the perfect lash style for your eye shape, you can create your lash style by choosing the right lengths to match your own natural lashes.  When you get everything correct, it'll only take several minutes to get that gorgeous look on.